2 september 2015

Great catch

As seen here.

15 juni 2015

Very Black

The Very Black Project isn't merely a t-shirt, but a consciousness movement absolutely. 

More information here.  

10 juni 2015

Have you tried turning it on and off again?

I know you've tried ;) Nevermind the geek pictures at Etsy

14 april 2015

5 april 2015

Every Mother Counts

Brand tee for Christy Turlington's charity Every Mother Counts

16 maart 2015

13 februari 2015


Brand tee for Over Clothing

23 januari 2015

Sun's out buns out

That's right :) Tee by Joe Schlaud

15 januari 2015

Yes oui can. I did Alexander Wang

But what does it all mean? As seen here.