28 oktober 2014

One Man Show

Hand knitted shirt by Dutch fashion designer Antoine Peters

24 oktober 2014

With great beard comes great responsibility

Shaving, molding, cleaning.....man.....available at Etsy!

13 oktober 2014

Pas Normal

Autumish sweater from Danish brand Wood Wood available through sprmrkt

4 oktober 2014

10 september 2014

5 september 2014

3 september 2014

19 augustus 2014


That's right. By Desha Nujsongsinn available through the Cotton Bureau

18 augustus 2014

Weird is rad

Absolutely! Tee by Greythread....as seen on Etsy

19 juli 2014

I am not TypoTees from Amsterdam

The last shirt states the name and location of the last buyer! Get your name out at This is a shirt.