21 november 2015

Let's (not) make a baby

As part of a National campaign by Ideo to raise awareness around birth control..... #ThxBirthControl
Tee available here.

18 november 2015

Plastik Palmtrees

Along the rays of a black rainbow, lit by the neon signs of impurity. Searching for the pleasure of a mythical unicorn. The typography as a medium to communicate with a scourer. - Plastik Palm Trees

Tee by Snerkone

14 november 2015


Baikonur is a small city in the kazakhstan desert, which was built in order to support the Baikonur cosmodrome from where the first man went into space 12.04.1961 

Get yours at Baikonur.amsterdam

17 oktober 2015

No pants are the best pants.

That's right. As seen here.

2 september 2015

Great catch

As seen here.

15 juni 2015

Very Black

The Very Black Project isn't merely a t-shirt, but a consciousness movement absolutely. 

More information here.  

10 juni 2015

Have you tried turning it on and off again?

I know you've tried ;) Nevermind the geek pictures at Etsy

14 april 2015

5 april 2015

Every Mother Counts

Brand tee for Christy Turlington's charity Every Mother Counts