14 april 2015

No pain, no gain

5 april 2015

Every Mother Counts

Brand tee for Christy Turlington's charity Every Mother Counts

16 maart 2015

13 februari 2015


Brand tee for Over Clothing

23 januari 2015

Sun's out buns out

That's right :) Tee by Joe Schlaud

15 januari 2015

Yes oui can. I did Alexander Wang

But what does it all mean? As seen here.

23 december 2014

Bold as Love

Typographic ode to Jimi Hendrikus from Origin68

9 december 2014


Well done logotype for Patta

Chemicals are not for pussies

 Dutch startup Yoni is working on organic tampons and pads. Crowdfunding well underway!

28 oktober 2014

One Man Show

Hand knitted shirt by Dutch fashion designer Antoine Peters