30 augustus 2010

I am a Prisoner of Your Love

... and I don't want to break out.
Get locked up at fabnob.com.au

28 augustus 2010

My Baseline is Lower Than Yours

Another design by Inku, available at their mysoti.com shop

27 augustus 2010

Love Always

A positive message in negative space.
Love it at imutheinsideout.com

25 augustus 2010

We Want Less

We do! And sometimes we don't...
Currently not available anywhere


Tune in at eioclothing.com

24 augustus 2010


You know what, this shirt is right!
Get yours at wireandtwine.com
In the meantime, we're afk to chat with real life ppl...

23 augustus 2010

Just we Are

A collaboration by the French PHENÜM & Germany based 44flavours. Only 50 shirts made, order one here or read on about this shirt.

21 augustus 2010

Good World

We're not there yet folks...
Available at printliberation.com

Cool 'n Classy

Be classy cool at banditbrand.com

Idées Vagues Avec Images Claires

Vague ideas with clear images. We have them all the time.
Get yours at sixpack.fr

16 augustus 2010


Ultra retro game from the ZX spectrum computer with some awesome 1 bit type logo. For sale at Achilles t-shirts.

Yes please!

Hell yes! as seen on Love And T-shirts.

13 augustus 2010

This Shirt Saves

Dolphins, that is.
50% of purchase of this t-shirt will be donated directly to the Save Japan Dolphins campaign.
So get yours at EcoJoia.com and help the guys who made the award winning documentary The Cove.

Hello Hej Bonjour Ciao Hallo Aloha Shalom Hola Konnichiwa Olá

Might come in handy at the next hostel you're in ;-) Seen on AisleOne

9 augustus 2010


Batman meets fork meets nintendo controller. You get the picture. Get yours at Arteefact.

7 augustus 2010

Stop, Collaborate & Listen

Get this Vanilla-flavoured shirt at youngloverslabel.com

5 augustus 2010

Free Hugs

In need of new friends? This shirt might come in handy. Seen here.


Yes please!
For every sold shirt they plant a tree, check it out at raus-raus.net

4 augustus 2010

It's Gettin' Better All The Time!

It is!
No info on where to get this one, if you find out please share it on our facebook page!

2 augustus 2010

I listen to bands that don't even exist yet.

Quite promising. Found at the Flickr photostream of dogfacedboy. For sale at Threadless.

1 augustus 2010


Found at the Flickr photostream of jerm IX